Android 10 logo

Website is Updated 

The Android website has updated with Android 10 and it has the new fresh looks inspired by Google’s new branding identity for Android 10. the more focus gain towards Privacy, Accessibility,
live captions and gesture navigation, but has the unique feature that all android fans are eagerly waiting that is system-wide dark mode is included in this iteration. the whole website is redesigned in a manner that it switches dark mode with overlay button. Previously has speculated that  Official Android 10 will be releasing on 3rd September. 
Android 10
Android 10 features

Preview Of Dark Theme

Android’s website has the first preview of the dark theme in Maps and Gmail. Images are shows that completely overhaul of Gmail app with a dark theme. For the Maps Navigation interface already has the dark Mode but regular app does not switch into dark mode.
Android 10 dark mode
Dark Theme Toggle in Android 10

OTA Update is Rolling Out to Pixels

An update bringing up the latest flavor of  Android OS will be rolling out soon to the Google Pixels giving them a bunch of new software capabilities including system-wide dark mode, redesigned navigation gesture, more privacy control, and among others. Google said that there are 50 new features in android 10 these are the headline changes that we are all heard or know that. but that doesn’t count on plenty of under the hood tweaks just like MAC address randomization and array of bunch of APIs
new navigation gestures
New Navigation Gesture
Here are the top feature we like to mention
  •  Dark Theme
  •  Project Mainline
  •  New Gesture Navigation (looking more like iOS style )
  •  A lag-free Share menu
  •  Privacy and Permission (Few Tweaks)
At this year’s I/O Google Gives the Demo of Live Caption is found in the accessibility menu which transcribe audio from the apps in real time but this feature won’t be available until this fall. while Google is preparing to roll out an update to Pixels, it is also working with partner and other manufacturers to get update on more devices since dozen of manufacturers participated in Q beta program so delay will be longer some of device. Previously Essential Fans have no longer wait at all also Oneplus 7 Pro Users Keep fingers crossed you might get surprised.


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