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Call Of Duty Mobile

The PUBG mobile rival call Of Duty Mobile is launching tomorrow on Android and iOS platforms. few months back, the publisher behind COD mobile had launched a game in Closed beta for the Android platform. recently publisher announced in social media that they were releasing the stable version of the Call of Duty Mobile on October 1. the Biggest difference between PUBG mobile and COD mobile is theme. Pubg mobile is based on Survival mode gameplay while COD mobile Opt for Military Style Classic COD gameplay.

Call Of Duty Mobile Features

Call of Duty Mobile is battle Royale game similar to other battle royale style games.its characteristics very similar to classic COD style that can be found on previous titles.there are Five different types of  playing mode in Call of Duty Mobile, these are Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Domination, Hardpoint and Frontline. some of the iconic maps from PC version are also included in the mobile version of the game, here are some of them i.e Standoff, Crossfire, Crash, Hijacked, Killhouse and Firing Range.

There is also classic battle royale match like PUBG mobile has, where 100 people jump to abandoned map and fight together towards the last man stand.players can choose from single duo or squad of four players to fight.COD Mobile has a few different features over the PUBG mobile. when Squad of Four Players is set to fight others in battle royale they can choose the role of medic, mechanic, clown and scout.the medic assign player can heal faster than others,the mechanic assign player can get to use cool EMP drones, an augmented view. As a clown, players can summon zombies for the protection from enemies.scout will help players and give them insight about hostile conditions using footprint tracking and sensor dart.

On the graphics quality, COD mobile has the EDGE over the Rival PUBG mobile. the game can be better played on the flagship phone where all visual effect and texture beautifully highlighted. additionally, you can get similar experience what COD PC versions have offered.

How to Download Call Of Duty Mobile

you have to Pre-registered on the Google  Play Store or Apple App Store to get the latest notification about the game when it is ready to launch. or you can click below to head over App Store or Play Store
Apple App Store   |  Google Play Store

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