Dynamic System Update On Pixel Phone

when you switch on your phone, it boots into android obviously.do you wonder if you wanted to boot into different android? Yes the first bootable version(GSIs) are available. you can download Generic system images for ARM64 andx86 platform.

Google stated about GSIs Earlier this year, and it’s support arrived on Google Pixels with Android Q beta 4and also refers the feature as a Dynamic System Updates. ” by Using ADB, Devices with treble support can create a temporary system partition. It should work perfectly-currently on Pixel, though it was running look like live bootable Linux Distro. this OS can be used for apps testing and Development. Then reboot your device to get back “original” Build that’s installed permanently.

Google highlighted that GSIs are only for developers intended. three Android 10 AOSP builds shows up on the website for ARM and x86 system, as well as an ARM build with GMS.
As the official image is released, Dynamic System Update will eventually have wide impact on the user experience of android. This is speculated as of now but in the future to run Custom Roms without unlocking devices bootloader GSIs will be useful.   


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